Waydroid on Fedora

Waydroid is a new way of running Android apps on Linux. It’s similar to Anbox, however it’s more performant and it works with Wayland.

Waydroid can be installed on Fedora using either the stock kernel (easiest) or a custom kernel approach.

Using Stock Kernel

This is the easiest method because it does not require the usage of a custom kernel.


The prerequisites for Waydroid to function:


Waydroid can only be used with a Wayland session manager, which is enabled by default on the GNOME desktop.

Kernel version

A kernel version of 5.15 or higher is necessary for this to work.

Installing Waydroid

Install Waydroid using aleasto/waydroid Copr:

sudo dnf copr enable aleasto/waydroid
sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install waydroid

Running Waydroid

You will be prompted to initialize waydroid with Android images the first time you launch it from the application menu. Use the following links:
System OTA: https://ota.waydro.id/system
Vendor OTA: https://ota.waydro.id/vendor

Using Custom Kernel

This is an older method that requires the usage of a custom kernel.

Waydroid Extras Script

This optional python script https://github.com/casualsnek/waydroid_script can be used to add functionality to Waydroid such as OpenGapps, Magisk, libhoudini, and libndk.

Hide Waydroid app icons

Making the waydroid app icons in .local/share/applications hidden is accomplished with the following command:

for i in ~/.local/share/applications/waydroid*.desktop; do echo NoDisplay=true >> $i; done

Known issues

NVIDIA graphics card support are currently lacking.


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